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'Then there must be two Gods/ said the chief.
Tour God made a land for you far across the "big
water". He gave you houses to live In, good
things to eat and fast things to travel in. He gave
the Indian the teepee to live In and the buffalo to
feed on. But you white people did not like the
land that your God gave you, and you came over
here to take the Indians' land. If you did that,
how do we know, if we should accept your God3
that He won't take everything from us? too3 when
we die and go to your Hunting Grounds/

"But the Indians must learn how to pray/ said
the minister,

'We do pray/ replied our chief. 'This Is the
prayer that we pray at our Sun Dance [Thanks-
giving] :

' "Great Spirit, our Father, help us and teach us
in the way of the truth; and keep me and my
family and my tribe on our True Father's path> so
that we may be in good condition in our minds
and In our bodies. Teach all of the little ones in
your way. Make peace on all the world. We
thank You for the Sun and the good summer
weather again; and we hope they will bring good
crops of grass for the animals, and things to eat
for all peoples/5 *

While wre were talking like this, a white man
came over and said that the trading post was ready
for us to come over and trade with them* So our